People started drowning in a tidal wave of attention that you have to experience to believe.

A new upgrade…….The Pool Concierge!

This is one of the most appreciated developments at Jewel Dunn’s River.  The Falls Pool has a mini waterfall that reminds guests of the nearby Dunn’s Falls landmark.

Whether you are sprawled out on a comfy poolside loungers or floating in the middle of the pool you get served!

The new Dive-In-Movies are really popular.  A great flick, tasty snacks, and colorful drinks are made even more enjoyable because the staff took create care of me.

Some guests may claim other improvements are their new favorite factors at the Jewel Dunn’s Beach Resort and Spa.

My take is that all the upgrades accomplished under the Jewel brand are pretty special if the biggest debate at the resort is which one is best.