Jewel Dunn’s River resort has been morphed by one of America’s premier investment and hotel management groups.

Here’s a quick history behind the changes.

Dunn’s River was managed by Sandals Resorts.

Recently, it transitioned to a Jewel Resort being managed by Aimbridge Hospitality.

Why did Sandals sell out?

Faced  with a massive dollar increase to renew a 10-year lease in 2010, Sandals owners made a decision to drop this resort from their portfolio and invest their funds in other projects.

You may not have heard of Aimbridge Hospitality before , but when you visit Jewel Dunn’s River resort you will experience the lavish changes they have made to what was formerly Sandals Dunn’s River.

This spot is also a wonderful part of many families personal history.

The original resort was constructed in 1959 and it is common to meet people who have parents and grandparents that married or vacationed on this very same shore.   Imagine sharing a candlelit  6-course dinner under the stars where your parents fell in love.

All employees were friendly, smiling, and eager to suggest amenities or offer services.  The service is uniformly top drawer.

Aimbridge Hospitality has upgraded this 250-room resort in many ways. 

The mantra is customer satisfaction and all guests are indulged to perfection by staff and management at every level.

The Aimbridge has a hit on its sands with the Jewel Dunn’s River.  And Dunn’s River Falls is right next door